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Documation announces partnership with rental software provider inspHire


Eastleigh, Hampshire UK, May 2016: Leading UK software author, Documation has partnered with inspHire to provide an integrated product suite to automate supplier invoice processing for inspHire’s rental software customers.

inspHire’s solution creates the purchase order (PO) against which suppliers raise their invoice. Documation captures the invoice image (from paper-format and emailed PDF invoices), and via OCR (optical character recognition) extracts and validates the key invoice data to pass back to inspHire for matching.

Documation creates integrated retrieval access for the invoice image via inspHire, delivers exception and query management, and also offers non-PO invoice coding and authorisation.

Alan Farrell, Documation’s Sales and Marketing Director says, “We’re delighted to have this opportunity to partner with inspHire.

“Together we are able to offer a complete solution with seamless integration that will enable inspHire’s customers to streamline their invoice processing – improving efficiency and reducing cost.”

Martin Bestwick, Head of International Sales at inspHire says, “It’s a great opportunity for us and our customers. This exclusive integration provides our customers with further operational efficiencies, additional cost savings and so much more!”


Download the press release Documation announces partnership with rental software provider inspHire

About inspHire

Award winning inspHire are known amongst businesses globally for providing innovative rental software solutions and unrivalled support. inspHire’s easy to use, rich feature set gives companies the tools needed to streamline processes, maximise equipment utilisation and improve profitability and return on investment.

About Documation

Documation is a leading provider of document-centric workflow and content management software, specialising in Accounts Payable automation and digital P2P (purchase to pay) solutions. The company offers a portfolio of standard solution templates for common business areas, built on a powerful, modular platform which can be tailored to specific business requirements, with over 20 years’ experience of providing innovative and proven, compliant solutions building on best practice, to clients across markets and industry.

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